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How to Deep Clean a Smoker's Dirty Car

How to Deep Clean a Smoker’s Dirty Car

If you’re a smoker, then you know that your car can get pretty dirty. Not only is the smoke and smell difficult to get rid of, but the ashes and cigarette butts can also leave their mark. In this blog post, we will discuss how to deep clean a smoker’s dirty car. We will go…

why choose car steam cleaning

Why Choose Car Steam Cleaning

The automotive industry has been booming for decades, and this trend is not expected to reverse any time soon. This means that there are more cars on our roads than ever before- which also translates into increased demand for auto cleaning services like car washes. The traditional wash isn’t going away anytime soon though; it’s…

cleaning car leather seats

Cleaning Car Leather Seats: Simple & Useful Guide

Most every car that I’ve owned has had a leather seats. And there is nothing like the smell and feel of a well taken care interior with leather seats. Especially an air cooled Porsche 911! My 1996 993 interior is pictured here.. Loved that car – so sad I sold it:( I actually enjoy cleaning…

Does Paint Correction Remove Scratches on Car

Paint Correction: Does it Remove Scratches

I’ve owned lots of cars. All but one have been used. Scratches in your car’s paint job are inevitable. Scratches from the prior owner are almost a given. My first car was passed from mom to son to second son. After the second son left for college, the car was parked under a tree and…

How To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

10 Ways How To Remove Dog Hair From A Car

I grew up with cats. Not because of a preference. That just seemed to be what was always wondering around the house and yard. This was before “inside cats” seemed to exist. Ours went everywhere. When I got to college, I got my first dog and that’s all she wrote. I always loved the family…