Hey there!

We’re Jim and Chris. We’ve known each other since college, but even before we knew each other we both had a love of cars. Let’s skip past the toy car, model car, poster cars of the American boy’s youth. We’re talking driver’s license and first car love. From our first car to our current, we’ve always enjoyed interesting vehicles.

While we can both wrench, neither of us could be considered a mechanic. We both like a spirited drive in the mountains, and have a few epic routes through North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We’ve both done some DE events, and Chris has even started amateur racing. We have a tight group of car friends that we travel with to races and car events in Atlanta and around the country when we can get the time.

This interest isn’t just in driving new shiny cars though, we love all cars old and new. (In fact, we might love old cars more.) That’s why we decided to put together this website. New cars are easy to take care of if you keep it up. Older cars that you purchase from someone else may not have had the best care. A basic car wash and waxing can help, but there is so much more you can do to bring that car back to it’s prime. Our goal is to put together a resource from basic car cleaning to more complex detailing. We’ll be writing up FAQs, detail educational posts and reviews on products that will help you on your journey to keep your car looking great. (Or make that neglected car come back to life.)

Stay Clean My Friends…