I guess you always start out as a car kid. Smokey and the Bandit, Corvette Summer, Bullitt, Ronin, etc. Throw in a massive match box car collection and add time. I've always been drawn to interesting cars. I've also always owned used cars, so detailing and some light wrenching were always on the list. My hope is that we can share some knowledge of the do's and don'ts learned along the way. Be sure to share your own knowledge in the comments!
What Are Some Cleaning Practices To Avoid Damage To Cars

What Are Some Cleaning Practices To Avoid Damage To Cars

Introduction A long while back I owned a 1995 BMW 328IS. I had configured this exact car on the BMW website, but could not afford a new one. (I never buy new cars, but it’s nice to dream.) A short while later I wondered into a dealership that had a used one that was the…

How to Clean Perforated Leather Car Seats

How to Clean Perforated Leather Car Seats [5 Easy Steps]

I love leather car seats! I’ve owned cars with cloth, vinyl, leather and perforated leather. The thought is that perforated leather breathes better and will keep you cooler. In my 1982 911, the air conditioning was so weak, it didn’t matter what the seats were made of. It was always hot in the Georgia summer….

clay bar car colors

Tips On Using Clay Bar Car [Everything You Need to Know]

You just washed and waxed your car, and it looks great. But then you run your hand over the paint and feel something rough. Or, you notice that despite washing your car regularly, it never seems to look as clean as it did the first time you did it. If this sounds familiar, then you…

how to remove rust from brake rotors without removing wheel

How To Remove Rust From Brake Rotors Without Removing Wheel

You just finished a long day at work and all you want to do is relax. But as soon as you get in your car, you hear a loud screeching noise. You realize that it’s your brakes. They sound terrible and they’re probably in need of a good cleaning. But who has the time or…

Car Retailers Techniques in Interior Car Cleaning

12 Car Retailers Techniques in Interior Car Cleaning

Introduction You just finished eating a drive-thru dinner in your car and crumbs are everywhere. Or, maybe you have kids and the car seems to be filled with goldfish crackers no matter how often you vacuum. I rarely eat in the car, and goldfish were relegated to my wife’s car. I’m not hear to judge….

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning For You Car

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning For You Car

Did you know that by using the power of steam to clean your car, it can be made look like new again? This process is easy and only takes about 10 minutes. For those who were wondering how they should get their vehicles cleaned at home without having any expensive services or products available from…

How To Choose Leather Cleaner And Conditioner For Car Seats

You’re driving your car and you notice that the leather seats are starting to look a bit worn. You remember seeing a commercial for a leather cleaner and conditioner and deciding that it was time to give it a try. After doing some research, you find that there are a few different options available to…

car detailing guide

The Ultimate Car Detailing Guide: Tips & Tricks

Introduction Your car is your second most valuable asset if you own a home, and it’s probably the most valuable if you rent. (My ancestors didn’t bequeath any art painted by European masters or priceless jewelry.) If you’re planning on selling your car, or just want to keep it in top condition, auto detailing is…

Does Washing Your Car Remove Wax

Does Washing Your Car Remove Wax

Introduction We’ve all been there. You spend hours waxing and polishing your car, only to have the rain wash it away. I trust you all know that a single rain shower won’t wash away all of the wax, but repeated exposure to rain, snow, sleet, etc will remove the wax over time. So does washing…