Electric high-tech ‘Iron Man’ motorcycle bike revealed for $120,000

An electric motorcycle that comes with an Iron Man-like helmet and biker jacket that digitally connects the rider with the road has been tipped as one of the most advanced bikes ever made.  Built by a team of British engineers who have been likened to The Avengers, the futuristic design was launched at Milan's EICMA Motorcycle show today and features a Human Machine Interface that has been taken to another level.  The Arc Vector utilizes exotic materials, thoroughbred componentry and cutting-edge architecture with a Heads-Up Display helmet and intelligent biker jacket.  Priced at $120,000, it's aimed at rakish, trailblazing and eco-conscious millionaires.  It's the first model to be produced by Arc, a team of top engineering specialists based in Coventry, the UK's high-tech automotive heartland, who have been likened to Marvel's superhero team by the company's … (more)


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