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Motorcycle sidecars back in fashion with hipsters desperate for all things retro

The humble motorcycle sidecar roars back into the limelight as hipsters embrace them as the very latest retro motoring must-have They have since been branded uncool and old-fashioned but a new hipster craze has seen a spike in sales The motorcycle sidecar has made a triumphant comeback with the hipster craze for all things retro making them a motoring must-have again. There were over 100,000 sidecars on British roads in the 1950s, but the rise of the affordable car in the 1960s saw most people trade three wheels for four.


REVIEW: 2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black – muscular retro-styled classic riding, RM74,900

Form over function, style over substance – these words can pretty much be used for most retro styled motorcycles these days, with manufacturers feeding the trend for nostalgia, and charging you a pretty penny for it. Of late, Triumph Motorcycles, the eponymous British brand, has been going great guns with its “Modern Classics” range.


Ouch! Watch as bulldozer crushes hundreds of bikes

Manila, the Phillipines – We understand that smuggling damages the economy of the country in which it occurs, lends spurious legitimacy to organised crime and is the direct cause of job losses in legitimate industry, so we have no objection to smuggled liquor being poured down the drain, smuggled cigarettes going up in smoke or smuggled T-shirts being turned into rags for mopping up oil spills. But that doesn't make it any easier to justify the wanton destruction of fine machinery such as dozens of brand new scooters, a Triumph Bonneville and a BMW F650, just because they came into the country via the back door.